Smart Commute (Round 5)

Ireland Project type: large NevaLabs


Smart Commute will gives users of quality news websites the ability to curate a uniquely personal news experience that matches their daily routine. With the Smart Commute plug-in, a publisher enables its users to blend together its most relevant proprietary content with media from other trusted sources aligned with the user’s identity and intentions. The Smart Commute will be delivered to the user as a personalised podcast and/or newsletter.

The solution

Tired of endless scrolling and clickbait on their social feeds, more people are willing to pay for quality news. But publishers don't yet have tools to give social news seekers what they value most: a personalised daily routine, curated from multiple trusted sources, delivered in the right format at the right time. Through the Smart Commute project, NevaLabs is developing a technology solution for publishers based on its unique style of personalisation. The Smart Commute project will help publishers create deeper engagement and loyalty with users, and generate new revenue lines through premium podcasts, audio briefings and newsletters.