Smart Paywall - Understanding audience better (Round 4)

Portugal Project type: large Global Notícias – Media Group, S.A


This project aims to know Global Media Group readers more deeply in order to sell them its portfolio, working on the ‘conversion’ step of the selling funnel in addition to the ‘awareness’ and ‘engagement’ steps already carried out.

The solution

Global Media Group is one of the biggest media companies in Portugal with 12 brands operating in print, digital and radio. In the recent past, GMG has grown an audience of over 9 million monthly unique visitors, boosting advertising revenue streams. It is now able to reach the most plural set of readers in the country, yet struggles on how best to sell them its digital portfolio. Smart Paywall will combine a single sign-on platform with segmented data and a new paywall to sell GMG content, services and products more efficiently. In addition, GMG’s newsrooms will be able to innovate digital packages like never before with the key analytical information provided.