Smart Topics: Giving the big picture to the youth (Round 6)

France Project type: medium


The project focuses on giving young people a full overview of the main news stories such as the Brexit, the Trump presidency or the environmental transition. The “smart topics” consist of bits of information regularly ordered and updated to cover the main developments. In the form of definitions, timelines, charts, maps, profiles or quizzes, they offer a complete and lively view of each topic. They embrace a story-like format on mobile. With this project, aims at improving its current service and its revenues.

The solution

The project is an answer to a growing appetite for context and explanation among readers, especially the youngest. Today, many of them feel left out by the content they read. They want to understand the big picture behind the news of the day. The "smart topics" will be an attempt to solve this problem. They will enable readers to access a second layer of news giving them the context, the historical depth and the explanations they need to fully understand the current developments of the main stories.