Stealth Fighter - The Wayback Machine of Ethical Journalism (Round 3)

Hungary Project type: prototype Independent Journalism Foundation, CIJ


Stealth editing is an unethical way of changing published online content. This project aims to develop a text-comparison tool called "Stealth Fighter" which will help identify the differences between the original and the subsequent versions of the content and make them transparent for the public. Users will be able to search for unnoticed alterations, browse and filter on the website of "Stealth Fighter". The tool will provide so far non-existing statistics about stealth editing. These data will certainly reveal the good and the bad practices and contribute to a more accountable and ethical news media in Hungary. 

The solution

Journalists sometimes change the originally published texts and this way they intend to correct unintentional errors and mistakes without being noticed by the public. There are cases, however, when journalists, publish fake information, false accusations, manipulated statements and are obliged to make corrections to avoid legal consequences. The new text-comparison tool "Stealth Fighter" and its content-feed system will reveal stealth edits of the monitored news sites on a daily basis. It will also provide statistics which will allow to do research, compile listings and ratings about performance." Stealth Fighter" is a tool to strengthen ethical journalism in Hungary.