Story Maker (Round 6)

Romania Project type: prototype Asociația Media DoR


Story Maker will be a tool that helps small teams repurpose content in various formats, making the most of the materials they have gathered in their reporting, and publishing in the right format across platforms, with minimum effort. The tool will help turn text and images into visual stories for social media, and help create teaser videos for podcasts. It will act as a dashboard first, pulling in the type of content you have (eg: text, pictures, audio, or a combination), and then help journalists combine it in ways that will inject more creativity and speed into their workflow.

The solution

Sharing stories on platforms that are not owned by the publisher is a time-consuming task, particularly if you’re committed to quality. In large media organisations, this is done by specific teams, but in small newsrooms, this work most often falls on the editor or the journalist who produced the story. A tool like Story Maker will be immensely helpful to teams where the reporters are also social media editors or amplifiers of all sorts, by cutting down the time spent on making decisions about formats, and then matching the right content with the correct form.