Storycast (Round 3)

Germany Project type: large Greenhouse Innovation Lab (Gruner + Jahr)


In a world in which (social media) platforms more and more dominate content consumption, publishers need to expand their business models: instead of relying only on their owned and operated websites, they need to embrace a more platform-centric approach. Storycast provides them with a suite of tools for composing, distributing, tracking and monetizing content across all relevant platforms, built to meet the specific needs of well-established editorial teams. Offering a unified interface and a dashboard with aggregated metrics, Storycast empowers editors to more efficiently publish pieces that are tailored to a range of social media channels, allowing them to focus on their core mission -- to create great content.

The solution

Many editorial departments feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of technical expertise required to take full advantage of the many publishing platforms available today. While, not that long ago, editors only had to master one single content management system, nowadays they have to manage a vast range of user interfaces as well as to understand analytics data from several sources. Storycast is designed to streamline platform publishing workflows and help editorial teams make better decisions about content creation. To achieve this objective, it provides an intuitive, consolidated user interface as well as an analytics dashboard that aggregates actionable data on content performance, monetization data and audience feedback.