Subscription Accelerator Content - S.A.C. (Round 6)

Spain Project type: medium Diario de Navarra (Grupo La informaciĆ³n) + Hiberus Media Lab


A software tool designed to accelerate the conversion rate from news readers to digital subscribers. Analyzing the most frequent behaviors and interest of our community, we will be able to identify which content creates the most engagement. Machine learning will identify and suggest key ingredients that make up the most popular stories, providing a model for higher quality journalism.

The solution

With this project, Diario de Navarra + Hiberus Media Lab would like to identify the ingredients that create the most engaging stories, leading to higher quality journalism and, in turn, more subscriptions. As a local publication it has limited capacity, meaning each piece of content created needs to maximise the chance a reader will subscribe. We would like to find a way to better inform journalists with the data collected.