Tellastory (Round 5)

Poland Project type: prototype Burda Media Poland


Tellastory is a tool to produce stories as a linear narrative with video, infographics and other visual elements that create a tangible experience for the reader. Through this method a reader will be transported to the heart of the story. Whatever the scene, a Tellastory tool not only makes it easier for the reader's eyes to move from the top to the bottom of the screen to follow the story, as we normally do when we use our phones and tablets, it also creates a sort of virtual experience.

The solution

Nowadays there are many obstacles connected with advertising in publishing area. More and more users use Adblock in order not to see aggressive ads. BTA coalition is trying to educate publishers how to present display on their inventory. Very often ads appear next to the missed context. Native and contextual advertising is more crucial than ever. There is a story behind every brand, every news, every content. Tellastory is a tool which helps editors to visualize their stories and help them monetize their content.