The media and the new generations (Round 6)

Portugal Project type: prototype Açormedia, SA, Global Notícias-Media Group S.A.


‘The media and the new generations’ is a project aimed at creating a platform for all school newspapers, allowing schools to publish their own content and share their activities and events with the general public via the newspaper’s website, while simultaneously ensuring that youngsters understand the importance of journalistic work as opposed to the proliferation of the so-called “fake news”. This platform, that combines school publications and local information created by journalists, and in which each student will be able to work as a journalist, will promote a better-informed society: one with greater awareness of the media’s important role.

The solution

In today’s world, social networks appeal to more youngsters every day, as does information immediacy, which implies that news are often false and unconfirmed. Aiming at becoming a reference for younger generations, Açoriano Oriental brings forward a project based on interaction in schools and other community places. This project will give voice to schools while promoting news literacy for younger generations and connecting the whole region in one platform, given that content produced by schools, providing it complies with basic journalism rules, will be available to the general public on the website of a renowned local newspaper.