ThinkIn Network (Round 6)

United Kingdom Project type: large Tortoise Media


We want to make membership of the Tortoise newsroom come alive for everyone. The ThinkIn Network will enable people, anywhere and at any time, to make the most of their membership of the Tortoise newsroom. It is the digital equivalent of giving members a seat at the table. The ThinkIn Network will build a digital product that ensures our members’ experience of participating in a ThinkIn – an open editorial conference – is as effective and informative on a mobile phone as it is in the newsroom.

The solution

Tortoise is creating a different kind of newsroom. One that is built with and for our members. We want to break out of the media bubble, to harness the intelligence that sits outside the newsroom. At the heart of it is the ThinkIn. It’s based on a newspaper leader conference. Instead of just being for journalists, members are invited into the newsroom. It’s a place, in the real world and the digital one, where you can come, learn and tell us what you think.