TL;DR - A personalized summary of your news (Round 4)

Netherlands Project type: large Het Financieele Dagblad B.V. (part of FD Mediagroep B.V.)


The TL;DR project will deliver completely personalised summaries of FD Mediagroep content, generated by an innovative machine learning/AI algorithm, helping users stay up to date with the latest news.

The solution

Analysing content and creating accurate summaries is still a manual task. Providing a single summary, let alone multiple summaries, for every FD article is a monumental task and would require a serious investment in time or money, which should be spent on creating more high-quality journalism. TL;DR will automate this process by building a model using the latest AI/ML techniques that analyses content to provide multiple summaries, which can be combined with our recommendation engine or help increase the availability of content. The result will be a landing page that not only contains the information you’re interested in, but also presents it in a way that matches your reading style. This will be a valuable addition for current subscribers, and a new product to attract new customers looking for a quick and user-friendly update of the latest financial news.