Transforming local publishing companies in Poland (Round 6)

Poland Project type: medium PBeM Sp. z o.o. & Intergol; iMedia; Korso; Południowa Oficyna Wydawnicza; Wspólnota.


The project is about the transformation of local media ecosystems in Poland. It will create a new model of an integrated multimedia and information system for local publishing companies and independent influencers who use modern IT and multimedia technology. The project includes building a technological platform (called the “videosphere” for the sake of our project) based on sub-local multimedia digital information centres and creating a set of tools to publish videos. These tools will be implemented on websites belonging to online publishers and independent creators. The centres will be located in different regions of Poland. Their aim is to provide both software and professional support to local media and independent vloggers.

The solution

The biggest challenge that we have to face in the Polish local media industry is the outdated model of a local media house based only on print with static content and the technical inefficiency of small publishing houses in Poland. Thanks to the project, PBEM Sp. z o.o. and local publishers from Poland, will create new technological solutions and build innovative media groups based on a modular structure. They will be able to expand these groups infinitely and this in turn will make it possible to keep developing the local media environment. The implementation of the project will significantly improve the economic situation of local media by creating new streams of money.