Transparent Journalism Tool - TJ Tool (Round 3)

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The Transparent Journalism Tool (TJ Tool) will be an open source application that will allow citizens to see the back end of the editorial process, so they can trace the newsgathering and editing work in a radically transparent way. The audience will know why do we cover a story, where did we get the data, which sources did we talked to or how many people did we allocate to produce a story. It will also provide publishers with data about the cost to produce each story that can eventually be used to monetize content with different formulas like micropayments.  

The solution

The growing presence of flaw stories presented with similar formats than professional journalism is damaging citizen’s ability to access the solid reporting that they need to build their critical thinking about social, political, economic or cultural issues. This is also damaging the already weak credibility (and survival prospects) of the media. Público’s Transparent Journalism Tool aims to address this challenge by allowing citizens to access all the back end information of a news story (why did we cover it, who did we talked to, which verified data did we use...) and opening new venues for the monetization of quality journalism.