A Turnkey Data Platform for Investigative Teams

Romania Project type: large Journalism Development Network (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project)


Our project will create a research platform designed as a turnkey solution for small media or small investigative teams within large media, to accelerate and simplify the work of investigative reporters and save on major costs. This platform will be available as both a service for media with limited capacity or as a fully documented solution that can be spun up.

The solution

Data defines 21st century journalism, and has been behind some of its greatest successes, but as journalists we need to change the way we work to unlock its full potential. OCCRP is committed to reinventing investigative journalism for the information age so that we can tell the big stories about corruption and organized crime. Those crimes can't be investigated effectively without new tools to follow illegal asset flows from autocracies to corrupt banks to offshore tax havens.