U-bot: Alerts from news data (Round 3)

Finland Project type: prototype Oy Suomen Tietotoimisto Finska Notisbyrån Ab (STT)


Journalists in newsrooms spend a lot of time checking if a website or data has been updated or changed. Sometimes relevant sites and data can’t be monitored at all and journalists miss the newsworthy information. The Finnish News Agency STT will build an alert system to make following  of these changes easier, faster and more reliable. Alerts can be ie. SMS’s or emails. Alerts can also be sent as texts to the editorial system.

The solution

The system makes journalists work easier: they know what's going on without spending a lot of time going through data from different sources and they don't need to wait for the press release from the data provider. The U-bot alert system could be used in subjects like the price of the electricity, the delays in the railway traffic or the weather forecasts. In sports the system could send an alert if a player has their 100th game coming up or a team has had more than 5 wins in a row etc.