Unifying Local Media (Round 5)

Poland Project type: medium PBeM Sp. z o.o. & Intergol; iMedia; Korso; Południowa Oficyna Wydawnicza; Wspólnota.


The project creates and implements an innovative media platform which will make it possible to unify scattered local publishing companies into one strong business entity. The platform will be organised as a network and will function on two levels. The key element will be a central information hub, which will aggregate the most interesting news from local platforms and make it available to readers nationwide. At the local level local publishers and journalists will be offered the best tools to create and present content locally.

The solution

The main problem for Polish local media is fragmentation, which does not allow to compete with large publishing houses, especially on the advertising market. A common media platform will allow scattered local publishing companies to unify into one strong business entity. At the same time it will enable each publishing house to preserve its character and uniqueness.