Value my news (Round 5)

United Kingdom Project type: medium Centre for Community Journalism, Cardiff University


Independent community and hyperlocal media form an integral part of the news ecosystem. Yet they struggle to find a sustainable revenue model. Value My News delivers a suite of tools to enable hyperlocals to create and capture revenues in three new ways through the sharing economy by pooling resources, from new leads and sales and by tracking where content has been used and not financially credited.

The solution

Our focus is at the hyperlocal level: where journalism is most valued but also most at risk. We know that content produced at a grassroots level is valuable further up the news food chain, yet content producers do not always get a fair share of the revenue generated from their work. We will transform the sector by capturing revenues otherwise leaking through the supply chain. Value My News (VMN) will build sustainability by creating revenue streams and adding new revenue-informed KPIs. It will demonstrate a compelling new model with key learnings for other media systems elsewhere in Europe and deliver a white label product for market.