VAMP: Voice and Audio Monetisation Platform (Round 5)

Germany Project type: large SPIEGEL ONLINE GmbH


The shift towards voice-based interfaces forces publishers to develop new content, tools and workflows and to ensure monetisation. SPIEGEL ONLINE’s Voice and Audio Monetization Platform (VAMP) tackles these challenges through several open-source modules. The delivery module enables editors to deliver audio content to different outlets. The discovery module allows users to find audio content according to their information needs. The monetization module establishes revenue streams through innovative ad formats and ad serving. And the analytics module provides reliable metrics for content and ad performance. VAMP’s modular technology enables inclusion of existing tools, cooperation with external partners and stimulates innovation.

The solution

The rise of audio content reflected in the increasing popularity of podcasts and voice-operated personal assistants is threatening legacy publishers. Most today’s audio ecosystem is based on text or video and is not fit to efficiently distribute audio content. Additionally, content creators rely heavily on a small set of dominant platforms. VAMP’s main goal is to develop and implement a modular publishing infrastructure that enables publishers to efficiently produce, distribute and monetize audio content. With an open approach they will be able to integrate existing solutions, connect with external partners and continuously evolve the platform.