VeriFlix - intelligently managing user generated content (Round 4)

Belgium Project type: large Roularta Media Group (RMG)


VeriFlix is an AI-powered solution for news organisations to source and verify the authenticity of user generated videos – easily sourcing UGC videos and ensuring fake news is isolated from high-quality videos.

The solution

VeriFlix will work on a set of tools to gather location based, user-generated (live) videos from mobile app users, and verify their authenticity through a content verification AI layer. This layer will use a proprietary AI engine to filter out fake, inappropriate or off-topic content by checking the quality, relevance, consistency and diversity of videos. Based on several key components, publishers will be able to drive long-term value for their audiences due to the distribution of authentic, fact-checked, quality content related to online news stories. Consumers will be able to provide their video content to the newsroom based on journalist request. Journalist’s will use a web based platform to manage the videos in real time.