VideoBite (Round 3)

Portugal Project type: large Cofina Media


Videobite is a project of Cofina that aims to create and implement a new centralized platform to manage the workflow of online video by using a federated model to capture, ingest, archive, edit and distribute video in Cofina’s online channels, supporting the entire value chain of Cofina’s digital assets. All digital content produced by Cofina’s journalists will be stored in a central archive (for internal use during the period of novelty of the information), but gradually parts of the archive will be made accessible to external entities through a subscription model, creating a new national media archive of contemporary history.

The solution

So far it is not easy to ensure that all videos can be shared effectively across different Cofinas’ brands and that new digital journalistic original products can be easily created. We want to produce short video clips that can be used to complement the existing media associated to a news article, and not only as the starting point to a news article. With VideoBite we will implement mechanisms that allow us to associate online video content to text/image based articles by means of metadata relation and to generate new revenue streams based on online video content distribution through the digital channels of Cofina’s brands.