VIS: fact-checking for print and online publishers (Round 3)

Italy Project type: large Ced Digital & Servizi (Caltagirone Editore)


VIS will develop and roll out to publishers the first full fledged system for assisted fact-checking, directly integrated in existing content management platforms but also accessible to individuals. Its aim is to maximise impact of fact checking. Based also on existing market ready solutions, VIS will develop a newsrooms-ready product. The core of the system is its Super Search functionality, using natural language processing technologies and Expert System’s Cogito engine to search a variety of sources, both open and proprietary, combined with social network analysis.

The solution

VIS (Veritas In Silico) is not competing with existing fact checking initiatives but aims to build on their experiences to provide a straightforward tool to improve editorial fact checking in newsroom without disrupting or slowing down the pace of publishing processes. VIS will be operating in, both print and online, is very different from that of specialized projects uniquely geared at fact checking and operating outside the large newsroom or by dedicated teams. Because of this direct integration, VIS’ deliverables will have a significant impact on the news production ecosystem, improving quality and cutting production costs.