The Vocal Bot

Italy Project type: medium Corriere della Sera


Corriere Digital Assistant will understand questions asked in natural language, such as ‘Who won today’s GP?.’ It will interact with readers, directly replying to their questions when possible, and refining its results when that’s not the case. The Digital Assistant will read headlines and articles, search Corriere della Sera’s archives, and scrape all of our digital content. ‘With this project, our readers will be just one sound bite away from the news they need. They will be talking to us – and we will get to talk to them in an easy, direct way. Corriere will be ready to answer their questions, and meet their needs – whenever and wherever they will want us to do that,’ — Luciano Fontana, Editor in Chief, Corriere della Sera.

The solution

Corriere Digital Assistant will enable readers to have Corriere della Sera answer their news-related questions on every digital platform, and on all kind of devices: mobile phones and tablets, wearables, car computers, and always-listening virtual assistants.