Vocally Yours (Round 5)

Germany Project type: large Ada, WirtschaftsWoche


Vocally Yours will generate speech from text and be able to mimic an individual journalist's voice. By employing Natural Language Processing and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, it will transfer written input into audio by automatically imitating the particular tonality and conversational style of a real-life journalist. With the power of AI, it allows for print newsrooms and freelance journalists to scale up their audio efforts. Highlighting the diversity of voices in journalism, Vocally Yours intensifies brand and personality association, increases trust and intimacy with the audience, diversifies revenue streams, and specifically strengthens independent journalists to magnify the power of their voice.

The solution

As conversational interfaces move beyond just smart speakers to all the devices around us, studies show that users increasingly seek out audio content. Text-focused media outlets thus face the challenge of transforming their quality journalism into high-quality audio formats at large scale. Exacerbating this challenge is the issue that to just automate content with a synthetic voice tends to drown out distinct voices. Vocally Yours will scale and promote inclusion by highlighting the actual human voice behind the journalism; it will increase trust by intensifying brand association and advance revenue diversification by allowing the mass production of highly personalised audio content.