Votre Monde - When personalization and monetization go hand in hand (Round 4)

France Project type: large Société Editrice du Monde


Votre Monde is a radical change in monetisation techniques, transforming a broadcast model where all readers receive the same content and marketing material, to one where experiences are tailored to individual needs, interests and habits.

The solution

Since 1996, le Monde has built an important and diverse online audience. Engaging them all, and connecting each user to the right monetisation channel, is its biggest challenge. Any pages, platforms or devices can lead to an engaged user and potentially a subscriber, but only if the right experience is delivered from the first page. Votre Monde aims to deliver a personalised experience to any user on any page, platform or device – featuring the most relevant content and experience – in order to guide them through the most relevant monetisation funnel, at the right time.