VR Infographics (Round 3)

Spain Project type: large Prisa Inn (Prisa)


"VR Infographics" wants to integrate infographics design and production to multi-device environments: print media, mobile, television, immersive experience, 360 video and VR, in a unified way. VR Infographics is an open source technological solution for unifying design and production of informative infographics in a unique environment for multi-device and transmedia exploitation 

The solution

Our goal is to match real-time information gathering with near real time infographics production for immersive experiences. VR Infographics Outcomes: (1) Creating a marketplace for infographics asset production and knowledge sharing for an international marketplace; (2) unification of infographic design and production tools from 2d to Vr production in one platform; (3) create a new lab of narrative experiences related to graphics news production from 2D to immersive VR wrapped into one end to end single storyline.