Your News, Our News (Round 5)

Netherlands Project type: medium RTL Nieuws, part of RTL Nederland


To make coverage more engaging and personal, RTL Nieuws will leverage data and AI technologies to generate local news stories. They will develop the tools needed to translate data into local news stories that feel handwritten but are in fact automatically generated using templates and AI techniques. They will cover local topics that readers care about and relate to, such as the quality of local schools and health services, safety, and housing, all in a familiar journalistic style. By combining automatically generated news articles with data journalism, they will maintain a high journalistic standard, tone of voice, and visual style.

The solution

RTL Nieuws aims to touch people in heart and mind. RTL believes that local news is key to this, but a nationwide journalistic organization does not scale easily to local news coverage. In this project, they leverage data and AI technologies to generate more local stories, making the coverage more engaging and personal. By reducing the effort involved in writing and publishing local stories at scale, data journalists can connect to the news cycle more easily, providing a new way of telling the news story of the day and truly drive it home.