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Got a great idea about how to make digital journalism thrive? The final round of the Google News Initiative DNI Fund will be open for applications from October 23rd until December 3rd, so get ready to apply!  

The DNI Fund supports those in the news industry looking to experiment, to help secure the future for quality journalism. We’re on the lookout for great ideas, so if you’ve got a brilliant plan, but need some time, space and budget to bring it to life, then get in touch, especially if you’ve not applied before.

Why are we doing this? Because at Google, we know from experience that the biggest, boldest ideas often start small and require nurturing. Through the DNI Fund, we want to give new approaches the freedom to grow - and hopefully to soar.

Focusing on monetisation and diversification of revenue streams

For this final round of funding, the driving theme for Medium and Large projects will be “monetisation and diversification”.

We’re looking for innovative approaches that seek to create sustainable models for news, whether that’s diversification of revenue streams, creative applications of technology to save costs, all aspects of reader revenue (eg: subscriptions, memberships, contributions etc) or new ways of thinking around monetisation through products and user engagement. If your project falls under this category (Medium and Large), you’ll need to make sure your proposal is accompanied by clearly identified monetisation opportunities.

And if you’ve got a great idea but want to bring more partners on board to make it bigger and better, we’d really welcome your application.

Note that if your project pertains to the prototype track, you don’t need to worry about this requirement and remain focused on innovation only.

Since the Fund launched in October 2015, we have offered €115 million to 559 selected projects from ambitious European newsrooms of all shapes and sizes, individuals, startups and academics in 30 countries. Check out how previous applicants have used funds to help journalists collaborate at scale across borders, create open-source software that enables independent journalism to thrive or used VR to help others combat their own empathy-walls. Don’t hesitate to start working now on your projects, we’re very much looking forward to reviewing them.    

There’s lots more information about the application process, FAQs, eligibility requirements, Fund governance and outlines of previously funded projects on the site.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The DNI Fund team

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