Google has committed €150m over three years to support creativity in digital journalism and the development of new business models.


Applications to the DNI Fund are reviewed by a combination of the Google Project Team and Council. In both the Project Team and the Council, there is a mix of Googlers and external experts from the European news industry and beyond, intended to reflect diverse points of view. The Project Team will review all applications and interview applicants, then make a recommendation on funding for prototypes and medium projects. The Council will vote on large projects, and is additionally responsible for oversight of the DNI Fund.


The DNI Fund operates according to a set of rules that are available for interested applicants to print or download.
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Application Terms and Conditions

If you apply to the DNI Fund please read our Terms and Conditions that are available for interested applicants to print or download.
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Application Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what personal information we collect in connection with your application for funding, why we collect it and how we use it.
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