Nonio: Pooling resources

Portugal | Project Type: Large | Nonio | Amount Awarded: €900,000

With digital channels accounting for an increasing percentage of total advertising spend, Portugal’s six largest media owners are teaming up to pool their online resources, put their differences aside and create a powerful consortium of over 70 websites and apps that can reach 85% of the country’s 6.5 million monthly active internet users.

Supported by the DNI Fund as well as by €1.3 million worth of free coverage in its members’ publications, the Nonio consortium has built a data management platform and single sign-on facility. Users simply log in to one of their sites – and they will be recognised across all the other sites operated by the consortium without needing to log in multiple times. “This process means we can collect a wide range of data on our users and use this to create a compelling proposition for advertisers,” says Mario Matos, Co-Project Leader at Nonio.

We need to work together to create an advertising marketplace that’s safe for brands.

Mario Matos
Co-Project Leader at Nonio

“Already, over 500,000 users have signed up to Nonio. Our target is for all four million adults who are touched by our consortium’s publications to register as users.” Such an extensive pool of aggregated data segments will give Nonio a viable offer to present to advertisers and this could boost advertising rates.

Mario believes there is room in the market for both technology companies and independent media companies to thrive. “We need to work together to create an advertising marketplace that’s safe for brands,” he adds. “This can be a win/win situation.”

Boosting digital revenues

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