REMP: Opening up opportunities

Slovakia | Project Type: Large | REMP | Amount Awarded: €350,000 and €755,000

When 45 Slovakian journalists quit their jobs in 2014 to set up a rival newspaper, they learnt some hard lessons about turning high-quality content into something that would pay the rent. But they learnt fast and they learnt well. Within three years, Dennik N turned a profit, building a subscriber base thanks to a set of tools developed in conjunction with a small group of software developers.

Support from the DNI Fund in 2015 enabled the staff of Dennik N to make these free, open source tools available to publishers through a project known as REMP (Readers’ Engagement and Monetisation Platform). Now a second tranche of funding from the DNI Fund is supporting REMP 2, which aims to improve the software to the point where it can rival world-leading e-commerce solutions.

We’ve developed new open source software that will help more publishers sell online subscriptions.

Tomas Bella
Head of Online at Dennik N

“We’ve developed new open source software that will help more publishers sell online subscriptions,” explains Tomas Bella, Head of Online at Dennik N. “Firstly, REMP 2 will provide journalists with more details on what readers consider to be quality content that they will be happy to pay for. It also improves the way that publishers can manage their paying customers. Finally, REMP 2 aims to predict which readers are most likely to become subscribers, so publishers can focus their efforts.”

The size of the team at Dennik N has now grown to 60, mostly made up of software developers. The new, improved version of REMP was launched in March 2018, and featured over 1,000 changes or revisions to the original software.

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