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Google News Lab

The News Lab is a team within the Google News Initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to drive innovation in news. Offering partnerships and training in over 50 countries, the News Lab brings the best of Google technology to tackle important challenges in journalism today.

How we work

We build coalitions, develop partnerships, conduct research and create training to tackle fundamental challenges to journalism today.

Trust & Misinformation
How can platforms and newsrooms strengthen quality reporting and fight misinformation?
Some of our work
Trust Project An initiative that we support that explores how journalism can better signal trustworthiness to consumers.
First Draft A coalition that we helped launch to fight mis- and disinformation through fieldwork, research and education.
Cross Check A collaborative journalism project that we support to combat misinformation on social media in the run up to elections.
Local News
How can local news organisations continue to serve their communities with quality news content as revenue pressures increase?
Some of our work
Report for America An initiative that we support that aspires to place a thousand young journalists in local newsrooms in the next five years.
Matter Ventures A media startup accelerator we support that is working with the Next Media Alliance to offer design-thinking boot camps to local newsrooms.
Bulletin We offer local newsrooms more sources for hyperlocal content to drive their reporting.
Inclusive Journalism
How can we help newsrooms and journalists ensure their reporting better reflects the communities that they cover?
Some of our work
American Society of News Editors We supported ASNE’s annual Newsroom Employment Diversity Survey to better understand how newsrooms reflect the communities they cover.
Maynard Institute We support the Maynard Institute’s efforts to train 200 reporters from under-represented backgrounds.
Neue Deutsche Medienmacher We support Neue Deutsche Medienmacher e.V., a coalition of journalists dedicated to objective reporting and better representation of Germany’s immigrant populations.
Emerging Technologies
How can newsrooms leverage new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their reporting?
Some of our work
Journalism 360 A coalition that we launched to empower experimentation in VR journalism.
Documenting Hate A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America.
Visualising Google data Our work with top data visualists around the world to use Google data to tell stories.

The News Lab team offers training and resources to journalists across the world.

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