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Our programs

We build programs to meet the needs of journalists and news organizations so they can succeed on the web.


Google では、ジャーナリスト、報道機関、起業家と連携して、報道業界におけるイノベーションの推進に取り組んでいます。

Product immersion for small newsrooms

A program designed around product thinking to help journalists innovate.


Local News Experiments Project

This project seeks to find sustainable business models through partnerships and share our learnings.


Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge

The GNI Innovation Challenge grants funding for innovative news projects across the globe.


Google News Lab

The Google News Lab works with newsrooms and entrepreneurs across the world to spur innovation in journalism.


News on YouTube

We’re supporting the future of the news industry in online video through a variety of programs.


Google News Initiative Cloud Program

Google provides tools to boost productivity and improve collaboration, free of charge to news organizations.


Digital News Innovation Fund

The Digital News Innovation Fund supported innovation in journalism for European news organizations.



We provide training on Google's tools for journalism.

オンライン トレーニング センター

Explore more than 40 lessons on Google products and tools, designed specifically for journalists.


Google ニュース イニシアティブ フェローシップ

We award fellowships across the globe to develop the next generation of digital reporters looking to inform, engage, and inspire.


Society of Professional Journalists

We have worked with SPJ to develop a “train the trainer” program which provides scaled trainings in Google tools to newsrooms, universities, and journalists across the United States.


Data tools for news organizations

Through News Consumer Insights, Realtime Content Insights, and Data Maturity Benchmark we’ve created a group of free tools and guides to help you make data-driven business and editorial decisions.


Google ニュース イニシアティブ ユニバーシティ ネットワーク

We work with journalism schools around the world to develop best practices and Google’s trainings for journalists.


Newsroom Leadership Program with Columbia University

In collaboration with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, this program aims to enhance the leadership skills and decision-making of mid-career newsroom leaders



Google では、ジャーナリズムの未来にとって重要なテーマについて調査を行っています。

VR in journalism

Our ethnographic study examined how audiences experience VR and what that means for journalism.


Digital transformation through Data

The Google News Initiative collaborated with Deloitte on global report and guide on how news companies can deliver more value with data.


Data journalism in 2017

We studied the current state of data journalism and the challenges the field faces.


Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Since 2013, Google has partnered with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University to co-sponsor the annual Digital News Report, which surfaces insights on digital news consumption in 26 countries including the US and UK.


報道機関のテクノロジー利用に関する ICFJ 世界調査

Google News Lab は、報道機関のテクノロジー利用に関する ICFJ 世界調査の実施に協力しました。この調査は、ニュース メディアの報道担当者が報道やストーリーテリングを行う際に、デジタルツールやデジタル技術をどのように利用しているのかを調べたものです。


American Society of News Editors

Google News Lab が提携している American Society of News Editors(ASNE)は、リーダーシップ開発やジャーナリズム関連の問題に取り組んでいる団体です。Google News Lab は、米国の報道機関の多様性に関する ASNE の調査をサポートしています。


The Data Journalism Handbook 2

We worked with the EJC to produce the new edition of the handbook which explores new and innovative ways in which data can be used in journalism.