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Driving reader revenue

In collaboration with partners, we've developed a holistic suite of products and policies to help news publishers grow their reader revenue businesses.

We aim to support and grow a sustainable content ecosystem by making it easier for publishers to reach new readers, drive conversions, and engage subscribers and members.

Our set of technologies and solutions is designed to help news publishers engage users across the funnel.

Expand reach

Flexible Sampling allows publishers to decide how many free articles a publisher wants to provide to potential subscribers based on their own business strategies.

See our guide on Flexible Sampling for more details on this approach.

Publishers decide how much content readers can sample from Search.

Drive conversions

When users subscribe or contribute with Google, they can use their Google account and payment methods, eliminating the need for account registration, memorizing new passwords, or entering credit cards.

Google manages the subscription, but publishers choose what to offer and can manage the customer relationship.

Publishers can simplify the subscription process with a low-friction purchase flow.

Engage subscribers and members

We're helping existing subscribers and members enjoy their content more easily. Subscribe with Google helps users stay logged in, retain access to their premium content across devices, and encounter that content on Google products.

Subscribe with Google gives subscribers and members easy access to their paid content across Google properties, like Search, Google News, and Discover.