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Sustainability Lab

YouTube's Sustainability Lab supports news organizations as they build sustainable digital video business models across a variety of themes.

Digital-First Newsrooms

The latest round of the Sustainability Lab focuses on unlocking the next level of sustainable growth for digital-first newsrooms. Selected participants will receive grants to strengthen their news video capabilities for the long-term, dedicated support from specialists, and the opportunity to learn from other organizations in the program.

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Selected Projects

20 partners are currently working closely with YouTube to execute projects across advertising revenue, user revenue, and cost savings, and share their learnings with the broader news ecosystem.

Strategia reklamowa

  • ABC News
    Build a content-tagging API to optimize revenue potential of breaking news videos
  • Fox News
    Generate more value from livestreams via replays
  • Vibra
    Utilize custom analytics to categorize videos in order to find news video patterns with artificial intelligence to identify highest revenue-potential content
  • The Washington Post
    Build a self-service, buy-side platform that consolidates distributed media and video supply into a single interface

User Revenue

  • Bloomberg Media
    Build a YouTube membership program to capture a wider audience of paying users
  • The Guardian
    Adapting The Guardian's contributions model for YouTube and video content
  • The Financial Times
    Understand opportunities for conversion by tracking user journey from YouTube viewer to O&O subscriber
  • Kompas TV
    Develop live streaming and video conferencing service offerings to B2B partners
  • Mediahuis
    Measure and optimize the user funnel from YouTube viewer to newsletter subscriber to paying O&O subscriber
  • MyNews
    Develop a data tool to identify engaging content formats for YouTube memberships program
  • The New York Times
    Identify, develop and test strategies to convert YouTube viewers to O&O subscribers
  • Sure and Share Center (MCOT)
    Develop YouTube channel membership focused on fact-checking and media literacy
  • The Wire
    Develop a YouTube channel membership to drive user value across platforms
  • Yonhapnews agency
    Optimize digital platform to include video alongside text & photos for easier distribution to B2B news content buyers

Cost Savings

  • Atresmedia
    Test a video editing/clipping tool using AI to automatically extract and publish stories from linear broadcasted content to digital
  • Euronews
    Create a mobile journalism academy to develop expertise in mobile shooting, production, and editing
  • Milenio
    Increase efficiency of editing video content with new software for easy clipping & distribution
  • Network 18
    Build a digital video pipeline from field reporters across the country to an internal network for AI-driven faster processing and publishing
  • One India
    Build a platform linking local journalists with news organizations & agencies buying local editorial content
    Train reporters for mobile reporting and develop a tool to calculate production costs for video content