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Journalistieke bronnen

Leer over the beste digitale hulpmiddelen en bronnen van Google en anderen, om u te helpen bij het vinden, verifiëren en vertellen van boeiende verhalen. Volg een cursus om nieuwsgaring, data & visualisatie, en specialistische onderwerpen te ontdekken.
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5 minutes Beginner

Advanced Search: Researching with precision

Simple tools and tips to help you get better results, faster.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Alerts: Stay in the know

Follow the breaking stories that are important to you.
15 minutes Beginner

Google Scholar: Access court cases, academic papers and sources

Quickly find hard facts and expert opinions.
5 minutes Beginner

Google News Archive: Access the past

Discover historical digital publications and scanned newspapers.
5 minutes Beginner

Reverse Image Search: Verifying photos

Find photographs and uncover their backstories.
15 minutes Beginner

Google Street View: Verify images

Check the authenticity of an eyewitness photo or video.
5 minutes Beginner

Google My Maps: Show where stories happen

Give important context by building interactive maps.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Trends: See what's trending across Google Search, Google News and YouTube

Find stories and terms people are paying attention to.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Trends: Understanding the data

How to interpret Trends results.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Translate: Translations on-the-go

Speak the language just about anywhere in the world.
5 minutes Beginner

Voice Typing: Transcribe audio using Google Docs

A quick and easy way to convert audio to text.
5 minutes Beginner

Permissions: Source Google data

Learn proper usage and citations for Google products.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Podcasts Manager

Better understand your audiences and reach them across Google products.
5 minutes Beginner

Covering politics with Google Trends

In this module, we will look at ways to use Google Trends to analyse searches specifically related to politics.
5 minutes Beginner

Visualising elections

Bring elections to life with interactive visualisations
5 minutes Beginner

Google Data GIF Maker

Visualize data comparisons in minutes.
5 minutes Beginner

Election visualisations linked to Google Sheets

Keep your election visualisations live by linking them to Google sheets
5 minutes Beginner

Protect your election coverage

In this module, we will look at tools to protect and secure your election coverage
15 minutes Beginner

Project Shield: Defend against digital censorship

A free tool to protect your site from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
5 minutes Beginner

What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning for journalists. What you will learn in this course.
5 minutes Beginner

Investigating stories with Machine Learning

How you can use Machine Learning in your reporting
5 minutes Beginner

Google Cloud AutoML Vision

Learn how to set up AutoML Vision to prepare for the course exercise
5 minutes Beginner

Data preparation

Assess your use case, source and prepare your data
5 minutes Beginner

Training your Machine Learning model

Import your data in AutoML Vision and start the training process
5 minutes Beginner

Evaluate and Test

How to interpret the output of your model and evaluate its performance
5 minutes Beginner

Machine Learning, journalistiek en u

Hoe Machine Learning oprukt in uw persoonlijke en professionele leven
5 minutes Beginner

Is Machine Learning hetzelfde als AI?

Toont in vogelvlucht de plek van Machine Learning binnen het AI-landschap.
5 minutes Beginner

Verschillende benaderingen van Machine Learning

Leren herkennen wat verschillende Machine Learningoplossingen kenmerkt.
5 minutes Beginner

Hoe u Machine Learning kunt gebruiken

Begrijpen in welke gevallen ML de oplossing voor uw probleem kan zijn.
5 minutes Beginner

Hoe leert een machine?

Een stapsgewijs overzicht van het ML-trainingsproces.
5 minutes Beginner

Bias bij Machine Learning

Begrijpen wat ML-bias is en hoe het vermeden wordt.
5 minutes Beginner

Een vooruitblik op door ML aangedreven journalistiek

Voornaamste geleerde zaken en aanbevolen bronnen om uw ML-kennis te verdiepen
5 minutes Beginner

Basics of Google Trends

This beginner’s course will teach you the basics of Google Trends, using the free Trends Explore tool.
5 minutes Beginner

Advanced Google Trends

Become a master of the Trends Explore tool with these simple tips for extracting precise data.
5 minutes Beginner

Storytelling with Google Trends

Learn ways to contextualize Google Trends data and integrate it into your reporting.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Earth creation tools: Tell your story across the world

How to use Google Earth to create compelling stories
5 minutes Beginner

Introduction to Google Earth Studio

A fully functional animation studio for Google Earth imagery.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Earth Timelapse: Observing change

Observe how the earth has changed over the course of the last 35 years.
5 minutes Beginner

Pinpoint: A research tool for journalists

Explore and analyze thousands of documents with Google's research tool, Pinpoint.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Finance: Research company performance

Google Finance allows you to track companies across 53 exchanges on five continents.
5 minutes Beginner

Access Google Finance data in Sheets

Access Google Finance data in Google Sheets. Examine closing prices, percentage change or market movement over any timeframe.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Sheets: Visualizing data

Learn to build visualizations that help you interpret the data and tell data-driven stories.
5 minutes Beginner

Flourish: Data Visualization Templates

A simple tool to help newsrooms create beautiful graphics.
5 minutes Beginner

Data Source: Global Forest Watch

Deforestation data and monitoring tools.
5 minutes Beginner

Global Fishing Watch: Monitor fishing fleets and vessels

A guide to using Global Fishing Watch’s mapping tool to track global fishing activity.
5 minutes Beginner

Introduction to Google Earth Engine

Use a multi-petabyte library of satellite imagery and data to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface
5 minutes Beginner

Google Fact Check Tools

These tools allow you to search for stories and images that have already been debunked and lets you add ClaimReview markup to your own fact checks.
5 minutes Beginner

Verification: Google Search

Master advanced search shortcuts to filter results by date, relevance and language.
5 minutes Beginner

Verification: Google Image Search

Find visually similar images.
5 minutes Beginner

Verification: Advanced reverse image search

How to separate genuine eyewitness accounts from misattributed content.
15 minutes Beginner

Verification: Chrome Plugins and Extensions

How to speed up the verification process using Google Chrome.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Earth: Pinpoint eyewitness locations

Find out where a photo was taken and when it was uploaded.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Translate: Verify content in 100+ languages

Interpret descriptions, uploader information and place names.
15 minutes Beginner

2-Step Verification: Stronger security for your Google account

Add an extra layer of protection beyond your password.
5 minutes Beginner

Password Alert: Protect yourself from password theft

This simple Chrome extension is your first line of defense.
5 minutes Beginner

Advanced Protection Program: The strongest security for your Google account

Stronger security for your Google account.
15 minutes Beginner

Google Historical Imagery: Google Earth, Maps and Timelapse

Look back in time almost anywhere in the world.
5 minutes Beginner

YouTube: A storytelling tool

Find out how to cultivate and maintain a YouTube audience.
15 minutes Beginner

YouTube Creator Academy: Improve your YouTube skills

Learn how to access and choose lessons that help strengthen your presence.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Sheets: Scraping data from the internet

Build your own data sets using Google Sheets.
5 minutes Beginner

Google Sheets: Cleaning data

Prepare your data for analysis and visualization.
5 minutes Beginner

Dataset Search Quickstart Guide

Search across millions of datasets on the web
5 minutes Beginner

Data Studio: Make interactive data visualizations

Give life to your datasets by creating powerful interactive visualizations with an easy-to-use studio.
5 minutes Beginner

Visualizing Data: Introduction to Tilegrams

A new way to map data.
5 minutes Beginner

Visualizing Data: Advanced Tilegrams

Generate your own Tilegram from data.
5 minutes Beginner

Public Data Explorer: Access a world of data

Use high-quality data sets to create compelling visuals.
15 minutes Beginner

Google Trends: Improving search results

Refine your queries to get more useful data.
5 minutes Beginner

Data Source: Election DataBot

A robust tool to help journalists cover U.S. elections
5 minutes Beginner

Google Surveys: Gain insights

Gather data from real people by creating your own surveys.
30 minutes Beginner

GNI Live

GNI Live
5 minutes Beginner

Looking ahead to ML-powered journalism

A step-by-step summary and where to learn more