Organizing news from around the web

Google uses technology to sort massive amounts of content to connect you with important, relevant, and useful news. Our ranking systems for news content across Google and YouTube News use the same web crawling and indexing technology as Google Search to continually identify and organize news articles from across the web, taking note of key factors — from keywords to website freshness — and keeping track of it all in the Search index. In the case of Google News and YouTube, publishers may also add content directly to our systems.

Our systems group together articles from different publishers about the same story and surface them in various ways. By connecting you with multiple news sources covering the same story, we aim to help you access context and a variety of perspectives on the stories you’re reading.

We intend to surface articles from publishers that write about current events, and we take steps to ensure that the news sources that appear in our news experiences adhere to our content policies, which include requirements for transparency and accountability.

Illustration of charts and multiple webpages