Help sustain a healthy news ecosystem

An independent and thriving ecosystem of news sources representing diverse perspectives is essential to our mission, and to a well-informed society. We want to ensure not only that users can readily discover a diverse range of authoritative reporting, but that news partners benefit from creating it. Therefore, we strive to:

Build and strengthen audiences for high-quality news

We aim to help journalism flourish by bringing new audiences to publishers. Google’s news products and features send web traffic to local, national, and international news sources around the world, providing them with a broader reach than they would have otherwise.

We also help publishers build relationships with readers by making it easy to subscribe and support their work through products like Subscribe with Google. And through Google News Showcase, our product experience and licensing program, we give participating news publishers a way to curate their high-quality content and provide more ways to bring important news to readers and explain it in their own voice.

Illustration of an article reaching a wide audience

Collaborate with the news industry to drive innovation

The Google News Initiative is our effort to partner with news publishers around the world to build a long-lasting, diverse and innovative news ecosystem. We do this by offering training, programs, funding and products to journalists and newsrooms to help strengthen their work in the digital age.

We offer a suite of tools through Journalist Studio that use technology to help reporters do their work more efficiently, securely and creatively. One of those tools, Pinpoint, uses the best of Google’s search, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help reporters quickly search through large amounts of documents, supporting the important and challenging work of investigative reporting.

Illustration of a person pointing to different news sources