Help sustain a healthy news ecosystem

A free, independent and thriving ecosystem of news sources representing diverse perspectives is essential to our mission, and to a well-informed society.

Building and strengthening audiences for high-quality news

We aim to help journalism flourish by bringing new audiences to publishers. Google’s news products and features send web traffic to local, national, and international news sources around the world, providing them with a broader reach than they would have otherwise. And we don’t just connect readers to journalism; we also help publishers turn readers into subscribers.
Illustration of an article reaching a wide audience

Collaborating with the news industry to drive innovation

Through the Google News Initiative, including programs within YouTube, we offer programs around the world to help address industry-wide challenges and fuel innovation in journalism. We provide trainings and tools to help journalists meet the evolving needs and preferences of today’s news consumers.
Illustration of a person pointing to different news sources