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Mumbai publisher increases digital advertising revenue

Mid-Day's digital advertising revenue increased by 25% after they enhanced their core web vitals.
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The challenge

Mid-Day is one of the oldest and most pioneering publications in Mumbai. It is a 41-year-old brand that primarily focuses on local news. faced two major challenges: High website page load time and low advertising revenue. The teams were aware of the importance of low page load time for increased user engagement, reach and revenue, but they needed help to improve them.

For a news website like Mid-day, which strives to be at the forefront of all innovation and technological advancement, GNI has been a big support. Gaining measurable insights, decoding the core web vitals, and deriving implementable results are the three main factors that have helped Mid-day become one of the leading news websites. GNI played a vital role in building our understanding of technology and charting out our roadmap to growth.
Vikram Kene
General Manager, Music Broadcast Ltd.
Headshot of Vikram Kene
  • 33% increase in Page Views
  • 30% improvement in Page Load Time and Page Performance Score
  • 25% increase in overall revenue

The results

Participation in the Google News Initiative (GNI) Advertising Lab presented Mid-Day with an opportunity to carry out a detailed diagnosis covering site performance (LCP, FID, CLS measured using Lighthouse v8), Website Code Health, Technical Site Optimisation and Advertising. The Mid-Day team implemented the recommendations which were shared by improving PageSpeed, removing unused Javascript, optimising ad placements and creating a daily newsletter. The Product, Technology and Revenue teams of the publisher also attended the webinars delivered by GNI and Readwhere as a part of Advertising Lab. These webinars were designed around Core Web Vitals, page load time, and revenue opportunities, which helped their team build a thorough understanding on these topics. Mid-Day looks forward to working further with GNI to help them grow and succeed further.

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