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GMA Network

GMA Integrated News Digital’s "InoculatED" combats misinformation through pre-bunking, with the help of AI-powered tools for faster content creation.

Broadcast giant and online leader GMA Network, through its Digital Strategy and Innovation Lab, has won at the latest round of the Google News Initiative (GNI) Asia Pacific Innovation Challenge for a project aimed at fighting misinformation.

The Challenge

The InoculatED team faced difficulties in identifying a suitable AI tool that aligned with its objectives, as many existing software options offered limited coverage of issues specific to the Philippines.

In response, the team opted to allocate more resources on manpower to actively monitor fake news and prevalent issues in the Philippines susceptible to misinformation.

For the AI component of the project, the team focused on utilizing generative AI to create Facts Talk, the primary product of InoculatED. Facts Talk aims to enhance public understanding of the project through video explainers that use a meme journalism style for relatability. Google's Gemini played vital roles in expediting the content creation process. Human oversight was maintained throughout to ensure contextual accuracy and to ensure images generated with the help of AI are in compliance with intellectual property right laws.

Furthermore, when the team was starting to implement the InoculatED project, the use of generative AI in the Philippines was not as prevalent or widely discussed as it is today. Consequently, comprehensive guidelines for its use were lacking, both within the team’s organization and more broadly. InoculatED served as a platform for them to explore and test various generative AI tools, leading to the team’s development of a comprehensive AI Guidebook that was disseminated internally to its partner sections within GMA Integrated News.

sibucao dp
"Our partnership with Google provided us the time and resources to explore existing AI tools that helped speed up our production processes for video content, especially for our pre-bunking efforts. We have seen increased productivity in our team when it came to deeper levels of work, notably producing customized anti-misinformation video content for different platforms such as Youtube Shorts. This in turn allowed us to tap into new and younger audiences that a legacy media like GMA Network typically wouldn’t be able to reach."
Bernice Marie S. Sibucao
Senior Manager and Deputy Head, GMA Integrated News Digital Strategy and Innovation Lab

The Results

By incorporating generative AI into their content production process, the team observed significant efficiency improvements in the production of Facts Talk by 50%. Because of decreased production time, they achieved a 100% increase in video output for vertical shorts. Prior to the launch of Facts Talk, their social media team's approach primarily involved repurposing episodes from TV programs and resizing them into vertical videos.

However, with GNI’s funding, the team gained the resources to establish a dedicated team that focuses on producing content specifically tailored to vertical video platforms. This strategic shift not only increased the frequency of uploads but also enhanced the quality of their content. Unlike the previous practice of simply repurposing TV episodes, the team now prioritizes the creation of original vertical video content. Despite the completion of GNI’s funding, their organization remains committed to sustaining the initiatives initiated by Facts Talk. As a result of these efforts, the team witnessed a notable increase in their vertical video outputs, rising from one upload per month in 2022 to at least two uploads per month.

Encouraged by these outcomes, the team is now extending the workflow developed for Facts Talk to their other projects as well.

The provided statistics highlight the significant efficiency gains achieved through the utilization of Generative AI in content creation processes of InoculatED.

There's a notable 50% reduction in production time, including research, transcription, and graphics design. For research, InoculatED used tools like Google’s Gemini that helped the project in quickly generating text summaries from research materials. Transcribing and image generation tools were also used.

Moreover, InoculatED’s transition to producing vertical videos has significantly contributed to the team’s content output. From initially uploading one vertical video per month in 2022, the team’s outputs increased to at least two vertical videos per month – resulting in a 100% increase in vertical videos uploads. This expansion not only diversifies GMA Integrated News’ content but also aligns with the preferences of its audience on platforms.

Overall, these efficiency gains highlight the impact of generative AI in expediting content creation workflows. This allowed the team to produce content faster compared to before the InoculatED project started.

The expedited production process also afforded the team additional time to explore various video formats, allowing them to create tailored content for each social media platform. This includes square, horizontal, and vertical videos strategically designed to cater to unique audience viewing preferences on various social media platforms. As a result, episodes of Facts Talk have garnered an impressive 1.7 million views across these social media platforms.

  • 1.7 million total views on YouTube and other platforms
  • 67% decrease in video production (Generative AI use efficiency in decreasing production time)
  • 100% increase in vertical shorts output
Increase in Vertical Video Uploads
A visual representation of the efficiency gains through generative AI use in content creation
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