Media Kits
A media kit summarizes your audience demographics and product offerings for advertisers and other prospective clients or partners. Here are some examples:
Business plan/pitch
A business plan and pitch deck can help you explain your business idea to funders, partners, and other potential stakeholders. Here are examples of two business pitch decks and a business plan:
Ethics/Editorial Independence Policies

An ethics and editorial independence policy can help you earn trust with your community by explaining how you earn revenue, make editorial decisions, and avoid conflicts of interest. Here are some policies to draw inspiration from when developing your own.

The Institute for Nonprofit News’ Donor Transparency and Editorial Independence policies.

Advertising contract
The Current shared this scope of work contract that it uses with its advertisers.
Freelancer/contractor agreement
The Beacon shared this agreement that it uses with freelancers and other independent contractors.
Simple budget template
City Bureau’s Harry Backlund created this budget template for a LION Skills Series.
Data tools
The Google News Initiative’s free data tools help news organizations make data-driven business and editorial decisions.
Audience research templates
WhereBy.Us’s Rebekah Monson created research templates to help with three types of user research: interviews, surveys and usability tests.
Reader Revenue
The GNI Reader Revenue Playbook helps established digital news publishers develop and refine a strategy for earning revenue from its audience.
The Membership Puzzle Project’s Membership Guide helps established digital news publishers design, launch, and grow a successful membership program.
Building trust with readers
The Trusting News Project collected dozens of examples of how newsrooms built trust with their readers through audience engagement and education.
Culture building: Allyship
Consultant Emma Carew Grovum wrote a post on how to be an ally in the newsroom and created this template to think about what allyship looks like for an individual and for a newsroom.
Hiring tips and best practices
OpenNews published a series of posts detailing how newsrooms “hacked” their hiring process.
Starting a nonprofit news organization
The Institute for Nonprofit News offers specific resources for starting a nonprofit newsroom in its Startup Guide.
Cash flow forecasting template
When COVID-19 hit, the Project Oasis team created a template to help publishers answer the question, "What steps can you take to maximize cash and, thereby, extend as long a time frame as possible that you’ll be able to operate during the crisis?" Here’s how to use this template.
Leveraging Radio for News Site Development
Townsquare Media offers a detailed guide on leveraging broadcast radio to launch standalone local news sites.