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Periódico AM

Periodico AM: Asserting Locality and Immediacy

Local newspaper in Mexico innovates to better reach their audience.

The Challenge

Newspaper AM needed to optimize its ability to react quickly to breaking news and strengthen its focus on local content. This challenge involved a transformation in the way of producing and distributing content, orienting it more towards the demands and behaviors of users of digital platforms, especially mobile, where readers instantly decide what content to consume or discard.

"The lessons learned from the Audience Laboratory of Alianza de Medios MX and GNI take on particular importance in an election year. Thanks to the Laboratory, the newsroom has more tools to bring AM's independent journalism to many more people. Without a doubt, the project strengthens our mission to 'Communicate with tenacity, help understand, create value."
Enrique A. Gómez
General director of the media, Periodico AM

The Solution

Through the Audience Lab, Newspaper AM optimized its editorial processes to improve reaction to breaking news and strengthen coverage of important local events. Based on the knowledge acquired, Newspaper AM is working on the development of a strategy manual for the coverage of local issues, including style guides and best practices for content production.

"We were very used to just taking what came from paper to digital and I think we were neglecting the aspect that people in digital and, in particular on cell phones, have the power to decide what to see and what not."
Eduardo Padilla
Coordinator of Digital Media, Periodico AM

The Results

Changes in processes achieved during the program:

-Development of a breaking news protocol with a focus on audiences.

-Incorporation of an audience checklist in daily work.

-Editorial planning of Elections with audience criteria.

-Creation of a guide on how to understand metrics (to improve audience analysis).

230% increase in clicks
150% increase in impressions
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Periodico AM’s inspirational quote: Journalism is the most beautiful job in the world - Albert Camus
Periodicio AM’s newsroom at work
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