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CommonWealth Magazine

Taiwanese Magazine increases membership acquisition

New dashboard increased engagement with active users and drove new membership acquisition
CommonWealth Magazine team has a discussion in a board room

The challenge

Founded in 1981, CommonWealth Magazine reports on Taiwanese companies and industries, as well as Taiwan’s political and socio-economic environment. In 2007, it became the first financial news media in Taiwan to launch an English language website. But with an increasingly competitive media landscape, CommonWealth Magazine knew it needed to look beyond just quality content to attract users and continue to grow. CommonWealth Magazine had previously expanded its product portfolio but realized a need to build a common membership structure and create synergy across its teams in order to bring readers an improved user experience.

Through partnering with Google News Initiative (GNI) in December 2021, CommonWealth Magazine launched Membership Program 2.0. As part of the program, CommonWealth Magazine built a unified dashboard that offered a single view of its customers, and worked towards an organizational shift from being content-centric, to user-centric.

User centricity is easy to understand but hard to implement. You have to create a positive experience along the entire journey so that different teams across the business are willing to come onboard and try new ways of doing things.
Michael Chien
Chief Digital Officer
Headshot of Michael Chien
12% increase in member engagement with active users growth YoY
15% increase in Membership acquisition YoY

The results

In just six months, CommonWealth Magazine managed to revamp its member benefit system to include more of its product portfolio, and segment users according to their engagement and monetization level by utilizing an engagement-customer-value model.

To aid adoption of a user-centric culture, CommonWealth Magazine worked to standardize internal operations for Membership Program 2.0, and delivered training on utilizing the unified dashboard across different departments.

Through these efforts, CommonWealth Magazine has seen member engagement with active users grow by 12% YoY, while new membership acquisitions have risen by 15% YoY.

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