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Sakal Media Private Limited

Sakal’s Sign-Ups Skyrocket with Google One Tap

Google One Tap Unlocks User Sign-Up Floodgates for Sakal

The Challenge

Sakal's site,, previously lacked a page for user sign-in. This posed challenges in gathering crucial consent-based customer data and streamlining the user experience. Sakal recognized that conventional sign-up procedures can be cumbersome, potentially deterring prospective users, especially tech-savvy individuals who value speed and convenience, and security-conscious users who prioritize data protection.

The Experiment

Sakal recognized that Google One Tap offered a secure and convenient solution with one-click signup in a frictionless manner. Users could use their existing Google accounts to register on the platform, eliminating the need for lengthy forms. Sakal viewed Google One Tap as an efficient tool supporting several broader business goals:

-Streamlining user acquisition and conversion processes.

-Enhancing user experience and engagement.

-Providing access to valuable user data for targeted marketing and insights.

-Building brand trust with enhanced security.

With One Tap logins, can leverage user data for remarketing, introducing exclusive members-only offers and discounts, and converting unknown visitors into known, paying subscribers.

Swapnil Malpathak (1)
"Google One Tap has been transformative for Sakal. It simplified user registration, drove engagement, and gave us crucial insights for smarter marketing and growth. We're already seeing increased user acquisition! Thanks to Google for surfacing this opportunity and their ongoing collaboration."
Swapnil Malpathak
Digital Business Head, Sakal Media Group
130K Number of user sign-ups in over 4 months
8.5% Conversion rate of signed-up users to paid subscribers
Desktop SS
Mobile SS
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