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Tuoi Tre Newspaper

Tuoi Tre Newspapers’ Data-Driven Evolution

A Vietnamese news publication personalized their reader experience through content analysis and data integration.

The situation

Tuoi Tre Newspaper participated in the Google News Initiative’s (GNI) Advertising Lab 2023. The program was designed to support the digital transformation of news organizations in Vietnam, emphasizing audience development, data solutions, and advertising revenue.

The organization was established in 1975 with the purpose of creating a newspaper with unique content, which caters to a range of diverse audiences. In recent years, Tuoi Tre has focused on transforming from a traditional newspaper to a digital publication.

Focusing on audience development goals, the newspaper aspired to establish a stable base of loyal readers, and enhance reader engagement. However, as a long-established print publisher, the team was hampered by their lack of technical knowledge in building an interactive website. Tuoi Tre also faced difficulties in understanding reader needs, attracting new readers, and retaining their existing readers.

Le Xuan Trung Headshot_TTO
"This program has helped Tuoi Tre Online strengthen the trust in and direction of the editorial office. From a department specializing in content production, we have upgraded and built into a digital content development center, focusing on investing in people and technology, ready to implement new plans in the future."
Le Xuan Trung
Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Tuoi Tre Newspaper

The action plan

To establish a stable base of loyal readers and enhance reader engagement, Tuoi Tre analyzed their readers’ behavior and historical article performance through Google Analytics and addressed indexing errors in the Google Search Console. The team also leveraged the User Needs Model, a data-driven analysis of readers' needs, and implemented it for content creation within the newsroom. As a result of understanding these tools and applying the new model, Tuoi Tre achieved a 17% increase in pageviews following the program.

To improve website performance, Tuoi Tre implemented several key actions. First, they minimized long main-thread tasks, which helped reduce page load times and improve the First Input Delay (FID) metric. They also converted images to the WebP format, enhancing the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for a smoother visual experience. By segmenting and optimizing first-party JavaScript and CSS codes and adding the lazy loading feature, they achieved a 70% increase in pagespeed. These optimizations collectively led to a 25% improvement in user engagement on mobile devices.

  • 70% increase in pagespeed
  • 17% growth in page views
  • 25% improvement in user engagement on mobile
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