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GNI Reader Revenue Interactive Exercises

These interactive exercises are designed to bring insights from the GNI Reader Revenue Playbook to life using your news organization’s data. Each exercise is meant to help guide you as you embark on building or strengthening your reader revenue model.

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Who should use these exercises

  • News organizations without reader revenue models looking to size their reader revenue opportunity and develop a plan to generate reader revenue.

  • News organizations with reader revenue models looking to understand their current performance across key metrics, identify opportunities for growth, and refine their plan.

User Funnel Diagnostic

Compare your performance across the user funnel against industry benchmarks. Identify tactics you can use to improve your performance.
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Estimate reader revenue

Size your reader revenue opportunity. Understand how changes in key variables affect your revenue potential.
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Goal Setting

Develop a set of tactics and activities to achieve your long-term reader revenue goals.
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You can find other exercises like “issuing a survey to your reader” or “selecting benefits for your membership program” in the Reader Revenue Playbook.