F.A.Z. Personalisation: Content layers for a regional focus (Round 6)

Germany Project type: medium Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH


Personal relevance is characterized by the regional and social context of the individual. F.A.Z. provides exactly the security and reliability the reader expects. Whilst being a nationwide brand F.A.Z. is highly successful in the area, especially in print. The Rhine-Main area is covered for the reader with the same care and high quality as national and international political, cultural and economic issues. The main goals of the project are creating the technological capability to offer users personalized content and functionality which lies like a ‘layer’ above the standard products. This leads to increased user retention and conversions to paid subscriptions.

The solution

Our project will result in the innovative merger of a national and regional digital news product - in a unique way. The first step of our project is the transformation of the strong regional positioning from print. So far digitally unavailable contents are transmitted via the new technology to the user of the F.A.Z. digital products - especially for users we detect as interested in local content. The focus is on the FAZ.NET news app, which receives a decisive factor in differentiating itself from other national competitors through the new functionality. The new layer functionality and with it the rise of regional content will be used especially for delivering more premium and thus paid content to the users.