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The €150 million DNI Fund supported 662 digital news projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

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Spain El Mundo (U.E. Información General S.L.U)

ReT-UX (Real-Time User Experience) (Round 6)

ReT-UX aims to turn the classic, static news website experience into something as lively and close to the user as the "personal stream" experience that powers social networks, significantly increasing users’ engagement and providing a platform open to the test and implementation of new ideas about news interaction and personalisation.

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Denmark Jysk Fynske Medier

Cross-platform Personalisation through Hyper-local News Algorithms (Round 6)

The project aims to increase the value of and revenue from (hyper-) local journalism by personalising content delivery and discovery across multiple platforms. The goal is to ensure the profitability of local journalism and thereby preserving its significant role in local democracies through innovation. Jysk Fynske Medier strives to leverage technology and big data in their attempt to sustain local journalism. The project is unique in the way it harnesses the advantages of different technologies (e.g. data analysis, automated journalism) and human assessment while working on a variety of current and possible future platforms.

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Portugal INESC TEC, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência

AmbiVideo360 - Augmented experiences in interactive 360º videos (Round 6)

Interactive 360º videos strengthen the connection between viewer and story, providing freedom and immersion to the viewer. However, this poses challenges to the storyteller, as he loses control of the viewer’s attention focus. INESC TEC proposes to explore technologies such as spatialized audio to direct user’s attention, story interconnection through portals between 360º environments, and other navigation means. The narrative cues will explore spatialized sound in particular to attract and focus the attention on specific elements of the narrative. The narrative will be further extended by allowing interaction between scene elements and between multiple scenes.

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Italy SESAAB spa

Personalised content experience (Round 6)

Despite the fact that most people read the news, only a small portion are willing to pay to access content. This has left publishers struggling to identify new revenues to replace that previously generated from traditional print publications. EdB supported by Socialbeat (tech startup focused on AI applications in the media industry) and Accenture wants to leverage raw data collected to personalise the user experience across it’s digital ecosystem to generate additional revenue and uncover new revenue streams (e.g. personalised hyperlocal couponing).

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Germany dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH

C-POP - story driven reader revenue (Round 6)

With C-POP news agencies and publishers will redefine their traditional co-operation model in order to significantly grow digital customer revenue and defend the economical fundament of the news ecosystem. Instead of supplying publishers with stories and photos in the old one-directional way („fire and forget“) news agencies have started to enrich and optimise news content based on usage data and user preferences provided by the publisher. This new feedback-driven supply cycle will provide publishers with content that directly supports reader revenue strategies. Performance can be measured in real-time by adapting central publisher KPI‘s such as loyalty, conversion, retention and efficiency.

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Spain Diario de Navarra (Grupo La información) + Hiberus Media Lab

Subscription Accelerator Content - S.A.C. (Round 6)

With this project, Diario de Navarra + Hiberus Media Lab would like to identify the ingredients that create the most engaging stories, leading to higher quality journalism and, in turn, more subscriptions. As a local publication it has limited capacity, meaning each piece of content created needs to maximise the chance a reader will subscribe. We would like to find a way to better inform journalists with the data collected.

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Denmark International Media Support (IMS)

Mediabridge.org (Round 6)

In a competitive and economically challenged European news industry, the value of publishing exclusive, high-quality content is immense. Nonetheless, stories from hard-to-reach areas that could inform the international agenda are often overlooked and dismissed because of the costs of investigations or lack of trust in local journalists. IMS, Danwatch, and IndieFrame will create an accessible and safe online collaborative space where content can be developed, co-financed, and shared. Mediabridge.org will enable an innovative news ecosystem that satisfies the demand for agendas-setting stories from European media with a supply from their non-European counterparts.

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France Brief.me

Smart Topics: Giving the big picture to the youth (Round 6)

The project is an answer to a growing appetite for context and explanation among readers, especially the youngest. Today, many of them feel left out by the content they read. They want to understand the big picture behind the news of the day. The "smart topics" will be an attempt to solve this problem. They will enable readers to access a second layer of news giving them the context, the historical depth and the explanations they need to fully understand the current developments of the main stories.

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Germany DuMont.next GmbH & Co. KG

ReadersClub (Round 6)

As a local publisher, Hamburger Morgenpost is facing the challenge of how to establish a lasting customer relationship with their readers and users that will eventually broaden the revenue streams. The solution: reward user engagement! Each action taken by registered readers on the site such as reading an article, participating in a survey or signing up for a newsletter credits them with points in their membership account. Upon reaching predetermined levels, special promotions, coupons and discounts will be unlocked.

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