DNI Fund Projects

The DNI Fund has awarded more than €115m to over 559 projects in 30 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

Featured Projects

United Kingdom Trint Ltd


AI driven automated transcription that saves journalists hours of time. Watch to learn about Trint.

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Poland Gazeta Wyborcza (Agora)


A news platform written and edited by women. Watch to find out more.

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Portugal Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.

P24 by Público

P24 is Público’s personalised audio catch-up for its readers. It refreshes throughout the day and produces audio clips of stories that are customised to each individual reader, as well as providing the main stories of the day. The project is Público’s answer to the problem of how to better serve an audience on the go; one who may not have time to constantly check the website throughout the day, and who may miss important news as a result. After initial research, audio was picked as the best medium to solve the issue, and Público has identified it as a key platform for the future of the publication.

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United Kingdom The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau Local

Central to The Bureau Local project is the intention to encourage the spread of ambitious data-driven local journalism. While many local media outlets are being shut down and resources centralised, The Bureau Local is driven by the essential desire to hold power to account at a local level; to make press more representative of those they represent. They do this by supporting a network of key local journalists - from traditional media outlets to bloggers - and providing vital data sets, statisticians and graphic designers to help local journalists yield investigative stories that might also resonate nationally.

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Germany Edenspiekermann AG


POST is a tool that will help journalists measure the success of their own content. It was born out of a question: what is the most pressing issue facing editors and how could the agency do something to help? Edenspiekermann already closely collaborates with newsrooms across Europe. By talking to their partner organisations they identified that a key problem in newsrooms was how to integrate analytics on day-to-day basis for already busy journalists. POST aims to make life easier for journalists by giving them help at exactly the right moment.

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France Groupe Nice-Matin

Locale (Round 5)

This project aims to free up time for journalists to focus on writing stories with greater added value for their audience.

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Spain Precept

memeCheck (Round 5)

Mainstream media has lagged behind regarding the latest trends in internet culture such as memes. As a consequence, a substantial element for addressing the spread of misinformation has been forsaken. Given their communicative power and viral nature, memes play a crucial role in amplifying the information disorder. Our platform tackles the problem by making it easier to extract data from a meme, thanks to Optical Character Recognition. It automates the process of looking for existing fact-checking or contextual information thanks to artificial intelligence, validated by user feedback

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Italy Adnkronos SpA Unipersonale, Adnkronos Group part of GMC Sapa

News Juice (Round 5)

News Juice will offer journalists a smart and automatic system to break up complex journalistic cases for a number of relevant events. The chronology of events will automatically be transformed into videoclips and enhanced with storytelling techniques - intended for an end-user market. The system will also be used by Adnkronos customers for producing on-demand synthetical reports.

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Italy Good Morning Italia srl

Personalised daily news briefings on virtual assistants (Round 5)

Smart speakers can be used as an interactive bi-directional channel, and not just as a voice-controlled radio. There is huge potential to help news consumers to be more informed in a seamless and smart way. Good Morning Italia plans to develop extensive UX testing to find the best way to extend the use of their daily briefing, and more widely to understand how news organisations could exploit the potential of smart speakers.

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France Société Éditrice du Monde

One Size Fits All (Round 5)

Offering EU publishers a solution to address a large range of activities within news organisations - from basic editorial needs to strategic marketing operations. The basic features already exists but the future portfolio with the key assets that will compete with other CMS has yet to be completed. This will include live text, push management, profile management and forecasting.

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Slovenia Danes je nov dan, Inštitut za druga vprašanja

Commentality (Round 5)

This is an experiment in alternative ways of engaging the audience of a news article (to avoid the loaded term “commenting section”) by providing two things: 1) A better user experience that facilitates a more informed and structured discussion amongst site visitors. 2) Analytics that don’t necessarily benefit only advertisers, but instead allow editors and journalists to produce better, more engaging content that’s relevant to their readership.

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Italy Corriere della Sera (RCS MediaGroup S.p.A.)

Corriere Digital Edition on smartphone (Round 5)

The main goal is to redesign Corriere della Sera Digital Edition in order to reach a younger audience on smartphones. The market is observing a fast decline in tablet usage which has been the core device for the digital edition. This solution introduces innovative ways to enjoy the content and creates an engaging experience beginning with the uniqueness, quality and the accuracy of the Corriere Digital Edition brand.

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United Kingdom Media Innovation Studio, University of Central Lancashire

SenseMaker (Round 5)

By combining uncovered information with local knowledge and creating new narratives, we will help users/audiences interpret and make sense of the world they live in. Journalists and citizens will be able to influence the types of data we collect, capture it themselves and help form the narratives that are created. The project will also explore new ways to express data, and examine new and emergent business models -nboth from the devices we create and the data that is generated.

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Luxembourg European News Exchange S.A., RTL Group S.A.

GANE: Global AR News Exchange (Round 5)

Creating AR experiences alone is cumbersome and expensive, even for organizations that are at the forefront of technology. The goal is to lower the barrier-to-entry for news organizations that want to release their first AR content.

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