Minis (Round 6)

France Project type: medium KONBINI SAS


Minis is a donation widget that incentivises readers to contribute financially to causes after reading a related news article. In a few steps, they can decide the amount of their mini-donation. Once a cause is funded, our newsroom will follow up on it with a dedicated video and article. Minis makes mini-donations as seamless as clicking “like”. 

Our operational team will secure the traceability of the causes. We believe strongly in the benefit of the Minis API for the digital ecosystem and its community; we will therefore offer Minis API as an open-source widget to other media publishers.

The solution

News organisations investigate, report and present issues, but hardly ever present solutions. It leads to people feeling powerless because they have no way to do anything about the issues we bring to their attention. A widget for users to donate directly to causes they’ve just read about on Konbini, Minis addresses that issue. With no new tab, no extra steps, no other effort besides just clicking on “Donate”.