The Engagement Engine (Round 6)

Denmark Project type: medium Rasmus Nielsen Holding Aps


The Engagement Engine seeks to invite the readership to participate in a new kind of editorial process that make use of the competence and knowledge of our professional audience.

We will challenge one-way communication and help the readers take part in constructive conversations with other readers and the journalists. I short, this project will formalise engaged community journalism by providing a technological infrastructure to support it.

The solution

Manage Morgen’s audience consists of leaders and specialists across many different sectors with an interest for the society and management. For Mandag Morgen to stay (or become more) relevant to this group, we need a continuous and close relationship with the audience, that allows us to spot the challenges, interests and needs this special group have in common. This project intends to give them the most relevant look into the next trend, opportunity or problem ahead, and help them learn, get inspiration from each other and empower them to act.