The Healthy News Diet Assistant (Round 6)

Germany Project type: medium Perspective Daily UG


Perspective Daily is an online magazine covering the big social topics such as health, environmental sustainability, economy and the future of work. Perspective Daily does not just report the news, it always focuses on solutions or investigates the question: now what?

In the digital age of constant distractions it has become increasingly difficult to stay focused. In this project, Perspective Daily builds technology to improve its users’ digital well-being by helping them focus on topics they want to learn more about. It provides insight into our community’s reading behaviour, progress made and empowers individuals to keep going.

The solution

“Just one more episode!” When I wanted to go for my evening-run. “Just one more gossip story!” When I wanted to read about the future of my country. We all know the distractions that keep us from achieving our goals. Perspective Daily´s Healthy News Diet Assistant empowers its users to focus on information that is important to them. The Assistant provides users insights into their reading habits, progress on topics of choice and gives timely incentives to keep going. Incentives such as achievements (“you achieved Expert level in topic X”) and competition (“you progressed further than 90% of users”).